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Copper Nails, Horseshoe Nails, Diamond Scribes, Diamond Grinders, Diamond Files and Copper Rod
Copper Nails
nailsHere is a the largest selection of  pure copper nails on the web! You can use them for punches, pressure flaker tips or killing the neighbors tree!(Shame on you)  Lots of knapping applications, be creative! The 20d size is currently being used in all our flakers and Ishi sticks. We have found them to be superior to standard copper rods. Give them a try!

available sizes and Prices below...
Copper Nails
Size:*20d NOTE: This size is now headless!
If you want the heads, please add a note during check-out.
                 .....10cm long x 5mm thick
     (Item # N109)    4 for $3.00
                        *...Comes standard in all our Flakers...

Size: 16d or... 9cm long x 4mm thick       (Item # N108)
   3 for $2.00
Size: 10d or... 7.5cm long x 4mm thick    (Item # N107)
   2 for $1.00
Size: 8d   or... 6.5cm long x 3mm thick    (Item # N106)    3 for $1.00
Size: 6d   or... 5cm long x 3mm thick       (Item # N105)   
4 for $1.00
Size: 5d   or... 4cm long x 3mm thick       (Item # N104)
   5 for $1.00
Size: 4d   or... 3.5cm long x 3mm thick    (Item # N103)
   5 for $1.00 
Size: 3d    or... 3.25cm long x 2mm thick (Item # N102)    7 for $1.00
Size: 2d or... 2.5cm long x 2mm thick      (Item # N101)    8 for $1.00

*This is the standard size in our pressure flakers and Ishi sticks
copper nails
Select Nail Size

Twist-Lock Refils

Replacment wire imageReplacement Wire for Twist-Lock Pressure Flakers & Ishi Sticks These improved, specially knurled, #4 gauge wires will not slip. They are the same diameter as KN109 nails listed below. (.203) These are the best value for the Twist-Lock Tools. You can also use these in our other flakers too! See the new flaker click here...

Wires are .203 diameter x 4" long

Item # PFK109
3 for $2.00
 Nail Combo ImageReplacement Nails for Twist-Lock Pressure Flakers & Ishi Sticks These are the same N109 nails as listed above. The difference is that the heads have been removed and they are knurled for the keyless Twist-Lock Tools. You can also use these in our other flakers! See the new flaker click here...

Nails are .203 diameter x 3-1/2" long with heads clipped off
Item # KN109
4 nails for $3.00
Bag - O - Nails
 Nail Combo ImageThe "Bag-O-Nails" Combo 1 Lb Bag. We put this pile of nails together to offer a variety of different size copper nails at a great price. Make punches for notching or superior pressure flaker tips. I have grown attached to copper nails recently for flaker tips. All our flakers and Ishi sticks come standard with the 20d size. Make out like a bandit with this little baggy.    Click Image  

         Item # C104
 $18.00 ea.
     20d copper nails
 12      16d copper nails
 6      10d copper nails
 8      8d copper nails
 8      6d copper nails
 6      4d copper nails

Horseshoe Nails
Horseshoe NailsHorseshoe Nails 1-3/4" long. These are a favorite among professional knappers for their ability to stay sharp enabling extreme control and consistency. They are not for everyone and can be tricky to master but worth the effort! For detailed nail dimensions: Click Here (Known to farrier's as a RN 4.5)
Item # N125
Price: for 5 for $1.00
Horseshoe NailsHorseshoe Nails 1-7/8" Slightly larger than the nails above. For detailed nail dimensions: Click Here (Known to Farrier's as a LT5)
Item # N126
Price: 4 for $1.00
Copper Wire
1/4 inch wire 1/4" Copper Wire are 4" long. These are great for heavy duty pressure flaking or light punching. Please note that they are 2/$3.00
Item # PF110
Price: 2 for $3.00
3/16 inch wire #4 Gauge Copper Wire 4" long. This is the standard size copper used by most knappers in pressure flaking applications. It is comparable to the 20 d copper nails. This will fit in all our Ishi's above.
Item # PF114
Price: 4 for $2.00 ea.
Diamond Scribes
scribe imageDiamond Scribe Use this diamond tipped pen to permanently initial, mark or sign your work of art to increase collector value or to prevent fraud. Keep your works of art from becoming artifacts! Works on cherts, flints, agates, obsidian and other quality grade stones. Will not work on sugar quartz.  This price is for ONE (1) pen.
Item # D111
Price: $16.00
Diamond Grinders & Files
20 Pc diamond grinders Diamond Grinders 20 Piece Set These have 1/8" shanks and will fit into a Dremmal Tool, They can be used to reset "stalled" platforms when notching, enhancing the isolations on fluting platforms, sharpening bandsaw blades, chain saws ect. They can even drill flint! They really do hold up good!
Item # D112
Price: $12.00
Diamond Grinders 50 Piece Set These also have the 1/8" shank to fit standard Demmal tools. This is a fantastic assortment of bits with endless possibilities. I have used them and they hold up quite well.
Item # D113
Price: $35.00
10 Pk Diamond FilesDiamond Files 10 Pack Same as above but with a broader variety of sizes. These files are used to "save" stalled notches on that beautiful point by filing in a new platform or to create isolated platforms on fluting points. Also, use them to abrade in notches and serrations to ensure proper flaking.
Item # D115
Price: $15.00