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           Note: Moose Cannot be shipped internationally! Orders will be refunded
Moose Billets

We hope to be restocked by Feb. 20th, 2017
   Large Moose Billet Long Shank
    6-8" long and fairly strait.  
   A popular size for experienced knappers
   Head Dia.1-5/8"- to - 2" Average    weight 1 to 1-¼ Lb.
   Price:$65.00 (Item# ML105)
   Extra Large Moose Billet Long Shank
    6-8" long.
    Straight shank.
  Head Dia. 2 - to - 2-3/8" Average weight 1-1/4 Lb.
(Item# MLX100)
  Super Size Moose Billet Long Shank 
    This is one big moose billet! 
     6-8" long.
    Nice brown, Hard, Straight shank.
    Head Dia. 2-3/8"- to - 2-1/2"   Average weight 1-1/2 - 2 Lb.
(Item# MLXX)

Moose Tines
Antler Tines are sold by length, NOT weight or thickness. If you want thin, straight or thick tines please leave a note in the "comments box" found in the checkout process. I'll do my best to accommodate your needs and requests according to the inventory I have. Many are curved, yet some are straight.

Very Nice Hard Brown Tines In Stock!
4-6 inches long  Price:$6.00
6-8 inches long  Price:$8.00
8-10 inches long  Price:$12.00
10-12 inches long  Price:$15.00

Note: Moose Cannot be shipped internationally!

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