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"All In One" Tools
This page is devoted to the knappers who have invented and requested tools to fit their needs as they explore new and creative techniques. Read each item description to learn it's potential uses and advantages.
Traveler image coming soon
The Traveler Billet Flaker "all in one tool"
This is a 7/8" Diameter Delrin tool that boasts the new Twist-Lock copper nail adjustment system. An all in one tool is now made possible! The nail must be fully retracted before the billet end is used No Allen key is needed. Simply twist the nose piece to tighten or loosen the KN109 copper nail. This tool is not intended to out perform or replace the individual tools but to make a pocket size tool that you can take anywhere! Dream BIG!
 * Camping/Hiking
 * Rock hunting
 * Glove box
 Item# ST100

Tool Weight:
4 Oz.
Indirect Tools
Ishi Hybrid image coming soon  Applications:
 * Finish Work
 * Thinning
 * Large finish
 Item# ST101
1" x 18" "Ishi Hybrid" indirect percussion
As seen on Youtube, this tool is commonly requested by our customers as an ultra heavy duty Ishi Stick or used as an indirect percussion punch. The 3/8" copper tip is placed on the platform and the Delrin rod is struck with a soft hammer of sorts i.e. wooden club, moose billet, or Delrin hammer.  Copper tip is adjustable with 4 set screws. DO NOT over tighten.